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Feel like your stuck in a rut with your riding, you have been doing the same thing for weeks month now and getting no where? Feel  like the equine industry is over priced?

Your not alone

We got you! Eequine exists to educate and assist you in improving you and your horses health. We don’t see why being healthy should cost the earth so on top of all the education we want to make the products you know and love affordable.

We have a range of services managed from sunny dorset, but we travel UK wide. From our travelling simulator to blogs, podcasts and supplying you with the products you need at affordable prices. We believe in giving people the tools they need so they can shape their own future.

Just learning to ride or a successful rider out there rocking it in the industry – we’re to provide you with the information, inspiration, resources and tools you need to level up.

How and why it all started - The short version

If your not into horses as a kid they say you came into it late. Well thats me. I half heartily played horses in my early teens however quickly found boys and exams and stopped. Exams had finished and i realised that boys where just horrid and the only thing you can rely on is that 4 legged fury friend. I came back into the horse world hard.

I started learning everything i could. Brought a ex racehorse as my first horse. Anyone else done that? They tell you your crazy but i saw him in a field and fell in love! Tracked down his owner and brought him for a whopping £300. His name is spurs, i still have him to this day although his name is now beast because well he earned that title.  Beast was retired at 14 and is the biggest cuddliest field ordainment.

In this time i did some BHS stages, riding and road safety. Moved on to studying parelli, Monty Roberts and then just started thinking out the box. I restarted horses that had a hard time in life and re homed them. Usually with myself but they all had a job.

I have ran 2 very different livery yards, hosted and built my own horse obstacle course days. This was inspired but my current horse Ollie. Now we travel the country teaching with a simulator called Millie. Doing our best to inspire, educate and bring love to the equine world. This is Eequine, Everything Equine.

You can get in touch if you want to know more at: info@eequine.co.uk

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