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Where horse and rider unite in wellness, education, and practicality. More than a platform, we’re your relentless partner in forging an unbreakable equestrian bond.

Our mission: revolutionize equine health through hardcore education and a raw connection between horses and riders.

Explore no-nonsense knowledge crafted to empower equestrians at every level. We live for the real challenges, saver the genuine victories. Count on us for practical insights, hands-on education, and customized solutions for a badass riding experience.

Join our fierce community of like-minded individuals fueled by passion and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. Eequine isn’t just a destination; it’s a global powerhouse where education meets practicality and relatability, creating an unyielding space for horse lovers everywhere.

Join us on this unapologetic journey, where education is our battle cry, practicality is our weapon, and relatability is our language. Together, let’s forge an unbreakable connection between horse and rider for an authentic, equestrian experience.


Explore no-nonsense knowledge crafted to empower equestrians at every level.

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Horse & Human Health Magazine: Issue 1

Mechanical Millie

Revolutionize your riding with our human-powered riding simulator. Designed for riders seeking improvement, rehabilitation, and confidence-building, our simulator focuses on refining positions and redefining the riding experience. Perfect for recovering from injuries, it provides a practical solution to boost your skills and confidence in the saddle. Join us on the road to elevate your riding game with targeted development and hands-on training.

Join our fierce community of like-minded individuals fuelled by passion and a relentless pursuit of knowledge.

About us

Our journey kickstarted with a challenge – an ‘unrideable’ horse called Ollie and a rider overcoming injuries, Emily. The standard approaches fell short. I craved acceptance and that required a radical shift.

No ‘shoulds,’ no ‘has to,’ just practical, attainable solutions bridging the gap between my then and now. When faced with restrictive traditions and exclusive methods, a new path had to be forged, revolutionizing horse and rider health. Our mission? Redefine the game, providing an inclusive avenue for all to tread.

Eequine had to be

  • Inclusive

  • Adaptable

  • Accessible for all

  • Practical and realistic

  • Promote health of horse and human

  • Be affordable.

and here we are.

As long as you and your horse are happy, no one is getting hurt we will work with you to find a way!

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Are you ready for the new Horse and Rider Wellness Magazine – your go-to source for practical, realistic, and adaptable insights into the Horse and Human Health world.  Don’t miss your chance to join the revolution in horse and rider health. Don’t miss out on this wealth of knowledge giving you the options and the tools to be the equestrian you aspire to be.

Mechanical Millie

Introducing Mechanical Millie – your fierce ally in unlocking a new dimension of equestrian excellence. Our riding simulator helps bridge the gap in your riding skills. Tailored for riders of all levels, from beginners forging a rock-solid foundation to seasoned equestrians pursuing advanced mastery. Immerse yourself in relentless training, dissect intricate movements, and ride with confidence. Unleash the power within you, ride fearlessly, and conquer new horizons with Mechanical Millie by your side.