Promoting Education, Knowledge and Affordability to the Equine industry.

Do you feel your riding isn’t where you want it to be?
Having lesson after lesson but not going anywhere?
The method your using isn’t working but you don’t know what else to try?

You are not alone, You are never alone.

The Mission

To promote and education the equine community on all things horse and rider health. We want to give you choices with your techniques, the most affordable prices and a family to support you. Things that are sometimes hard to find in the horsey world, right?

There’s never the perfect time to say yes to something that scares you pushes you out your comfort zone and challenges your beliefs. However I assure you, now is a jolly good time to consider it and with a family around you cheering you on. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain right?

We offer a range of services online and across the UK to help you smash your goals. Get you back on the horse, or maybe even on a horse for the first time. We work with a range of professionals across the equine and rider area. So if your looking for a Millie session to help and support you with those niggling issues or the tools of the trade. We have you covered.


This is me

Emily and the team have a wealth of knowledge across the equine industry. The whole team is in love with everything equine, and are driven to provide the very best for horse and rider. Each of us brining something unique to the team.

Emily’s key interest is providing you with practical and simple hack to revolutionise your riding. Emily doesn’t think riding needs to be complex and teaches exactly that.

To find out more about Emily and the team check out the About us page.

Mechanical Millie + More all online for you

Dont miss a thing

We understand we cant get to all of your with our simulator and we cant be there all the time. So we put together all our knowledge into an online platform.

We add monthly videos, trainings, tips and tricks.

Plus we brought other professionals all under the same roof to make learning easy.

There is many more surprises over at the mission.


However the cost will never be one. We want health, wellness and knowledge to be accessible for all so all of the above and more for only £10 per month.

We have a shop!!

Did you know?

We aim to bring you all the tools and equipment you need at the most affordable prices. We don’t believe being healthy should be expensive for you or your horse.

However time and time again anything with equine in front of it costs a fortune.

We are changing that!

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