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Welcome to Eequine your go to hub for all things horse and human health. We are bringing you advice from leading professionals. As well as world class products so you can implement your new found knowledge instantly. Inspirational stories that will pick you up and spur you to your next level of greatness all with love, support and encouragement from the team here at Eequine. You and your horses health is our priority and we aim to support you in every way we can.

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The team at Eequine have years of experience in all things Horse and human health. Keeping horses healthy but also horrid and inspirational experience in regards to our own health. However as a team we aim to bring you everything you need to follow all your dreams no matter where they take you.

Our four legged fury toddlers we call horses are individual just as we are and need this taken into consideration within their lifestyle. Take in all the information from the top trainers and professionals. However you need to leave what you don’t need, relish in what you do need and make your own dreams a reality. No everything works for everyone and here at eequine we encourage this mindset. Every piece of knowledge is a string to your bow, for this horse, for the next horse.

We want to see you flourish with your horse into the very best version of you. Whatever you want that to be. So enjoy the ride, time is short. Live live life to the fullest, because why not and if you need something and you cant find it here. Get in touch its no bother.

Equines simple hacks to keep you on form

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  1.  Do your teeth stood on your left foot in the morning and right foot in the evening. Make sure you work those muscles evenly 

  2. Your body will do the biggest habit it has. Sit at your desk for 9 hours + slouching for your mouse your body is going to follow the same pattern when you ride

  3. Squat wherever and whenever you can! Its squat not trot remember. 

  4. Spikey balls are your friend – Roll on them those sore muscles will thank you. Check them out