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Promoting horse and human health

This is how our journey Began

For those of you who don’t know me – my name is Emily.
I started to think about being an entrepreneur when I realised I was a rubbish employee. Looking back now, I would fire myself, (I had amazing back chat). If I thought something wasn’t working within the company I would come straight out and tell my boss, not cares given!

I spent 4 years fully employed and a further 2 years half-in half-out of running my business. Eventually, I took the gamble and went head first into full time entrepreneurship. I was in a lot of debt, but I knew I had to follow my passion for horses, plus I was never going back to working for someone again – no matter what!

I have worked across traditional equine business and slightly unusual ones. Including:-

  • Running  2 livery yards, both rented from non-horse type owners.
  • Built a portable horse agility course.
  • Taught riding lessons.
  • Looked after and rehomed troubled horses (many to my own yard).
  • Organised rider fitness classes.
  • Ran various clinics.
  • Teach on a mechanical horse.

My passion is both horse and human health. You need a fit and healthy rider to look after and maintain a fit and healthy horse.
You need a fit and healthy owner to have a thriving, adaptable business, mentally and physically.
You need fit healthy staff and clients to pay the bills

Both horse and human health play vital roles in this industry and I believe, widely overlooked.

So this is my mission:
“To promote horse and human health through out every corner of the equine industry, starting with YOU.”

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Top Tips to Keep You on Form

Stand on one leg while brushing your teeth, try both sides.

Try not to cross your legs or slouch one way.

Do you stand on both feet equally or do you always have one leg resting?

How can your horse perform to their full capacity if you are not performing to yours?

You can purchase them here and use them between massage/physio sessions.

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