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Eequine exists to educate and assist with you and your horses health. From our travelling simulator to blogs, podcasts and supplying you with the products you need at affordable prices. We believe in giving people the tools they need so they can shape their own future.

Just learning to ride or a successful rider out there rocking it in the industry – we’re to provide you with the information, inspiration, resources and tools you need to level up.


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Millie’s Mission


Millie travels the country helping people change their mindset and their beliefs about their abilities. She improves technique, teaches new skills and boosts your confidence.

Myself , I have a passion for improving horse and rider health. From emotional well being, physical health and everything in between.

Put us together and Millie’s Mission is born.

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Equines simple hacks to keep you on form

eequine team
  1.  Do your teeth stood on your left foot in the morning and right foot in the evening. Make sure you work those muscles evenly 

  2. Your body will do the biggest habit it has. Sit at your desk for 9 hours + slouching for your mouse your body is going to follow the same pattern when you ride

  3. Squat wherever and whenever you can! Its squat not trot remember. 

  4. Spikey balls are your friend – Roll on them those sore muscles will thank you. Check them out