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About us

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For those of you who don’t know me – my name is Emily and this is how my journey began.
I realised Boys could never compare to horses.
I bought my first horse by falling in love with him in a field I use to walk past, found out who the owner was and begged for him. My first horse and being an ex-racer we had a lot to learn, we still do.

As he is retired in his field keeping an eye on the yearling and playing try and kick mum every time I rug him. This is beast. He taught me how to fly, how to cry ( he was heavy) and how to think outside the box. Navicular, ring bone and side bone robbed him of his riding career the week after our first dressage test.
Ollie joined the family,I call him my rat bag and I adore him this horse has taught me everything. How to think inside the box and how to think outside of it. A natural horsemanship instructor called him untrainable, and although we struggle some days, he is my absolute world.
I have worked  with many horses no one wanted, they were called bad horses and classed as dangerous. They all had a reason, my job was just to listen, and my passion for horse and human health was born. Years later I have worked across traditional equine business and slightly unusual ones. Including:-

  • Running  2 livery yards, both rented from non-horse type owners.
  • Built a portable horse agility course.
  • Taught riding lessons.
  • Looked after and rehomed troubled horses (many to my own yard).
  • Organised rider fitness classes.
  • Ran various clinics.
  • Teach on a mechanical horse.

My passion is international horse and rider health. You need a fit and healthy rider to look after and maintain a fit and healthy horse.
Both horse and human health play vital roles in this industry and I believe, are widely overlooked.

So this is my mission:
“To promote horse and human health throughout every corner of the equine industry, starting with YOU.”