Audio Recordings

Audio Recordings

Welcome to our Audio recording vault.

If you are here it means I have taught you on the amazing Mechanical Millie and you opted to have your session recorded. So you could listen back, never forget my bad humour and of course remember the important bits to.

Each day is password protected to ensure only people on that day of the event can access their own recordings. You will be given a password on the day of your event that will open your specific folder and no one else’s.  If you forget the password please contact us at:

I hope to see you soon at another event but in the mean time look around  the Eequine website for all things horse and human health.

Gill Liggins Dressage
16th +17th August

Joanne P
18th August 2019

Peniston riding club
12th July 2019

Aldham Mill
20th July 2019

Julie Hillis
13th July 2019

21st July 2019

Cortworth Equestrian
14th July 2019

27th July 2019

lee Valley Riding Club
28th July 2019