What do you do when opportunity knocks but you’re not sure on if it sits true with your ethics, values and how you want to portray you and your business. Guess it’s just time to dig deep.
It times like this when a spanner gets thrown into your perfectly good business plan that in reality you absolutely love but wished it would make you some more money. Don’t we all? That you start to question what you believe in? What you want for your company? What do you want to stand for? What resonates with you and helps you spread your message? My whole message is to encourage and educate equine businesses with the overall aim to promote horse and human health.
In essence I want the very best for horse and rider and I think the industry as a whole needs to become more aware in order to full implement this. WAIT WAIT WAIT. Before you go crazy at me. I’m not anti anything! I just want to educate on a variety of methods some you might agree with some you probably won’t however enabling individuals and businesses to make informed choices. That’s all, generally there is no 1 right and wrong method in this world.


How I became Millie’s Mum

Many people have asked me how i became Mechanical Millies mum so i thought i would share our story.
I Work within the family business, K A Lloyd Plant Hire doing all the strange jobs in life, i cant stand to be normal. I currently still drive our Road sweeper and feel i will do forever more. I love being apart of the family company and seeing where my dad came from orginally to where we are now is im sure what gave me the determination to be my own boss. Plus the fact that i hate being bossed about, am to creative and skatty to work for one person and i always want more, qualities i feel a 9-5 job doesn’t really need, however are spot on for the self employed individual.

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Non sticky breeches

So im alot of a tight ass. just being honest and putting that out there. I tend to only by new jods/ breeches when im absolutely desperate and i just cant get by anymore. Usually the nicest, cheapest pair in the world or wait to birthday and christmas and get given them which is even better i feel. I am trying very hard to be organised for winter, horrid word but unfortunately its coming. I have 1 pair of winter Jods, 2 pairs of im dying Jods and a pair of sticky knees for which i mainy teach in now because well the sticky knee stuff just doesn’t sit well with me.

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Yoga Ball Challenge

Have you seen our yoga ball challenge?

We are a little over a week into this challenge and I thought I would share some more about it. The inspiration came from one of the amazing physios I see when travelling with my riding simulator, Millie. We did a video where myself was on a yoga ball and Sarah was on a wobble board and we had to play catch.

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