Equine Entrepreneurs – its time

Making a living but don’t have any spare cash in the pot?

Need some support, help and advice from other professionals in the industry?

Need to streamline your business but don’t know what tools to use?

Lets get real, the equine industry is hard place to be, it isn’t always the friendlies nor supportive place to make a living.

So we have created a safe, encouraging and positive community where you can network, discuss and build your empire. We are moving forward with the times, introducing you to new systems, programmes and apps that can help your business run smoother from farriers to livery yards. Thus providing community, collaborations And With leading professionals offering trainings and offers to help your business succeed. This is the place to be for 2019

We provide you with hundreds of pounds worth of discounts every month making those necessary items for your business or those items than will take you to new heights that bit more affordable.

This is your go to place for 2019

So what it is?
Its an online tribe of budding equine entrepreneurs wanting to build and develop their business. Individuals that want to automate their business to free up some more ME time. Individuals that what to outsource those pain in the neck jobs that take up all your dam time.
Its that supportive network so that’s so desperately missed, you will have the opportunity to network, collaborate and discuss ideas to help you grow.
This is your tribe that will take you to new heights.

So What do you get?

We are providing trainings from the professionals in this industry on the topics you want to see. From accounting, grants, social media, websites and so much more. You have the option to voice what you want training on and we provide.

Yup we will also be providing offers from a whole host of equine professionals to help you save the pounds for more important things like that new set of jumps for the arena or equipment for the horses.

Online meetups monthly to set goals, ask questions and lend a helping hand

Plus in the flesh meet ups so you can meet the face behind the screen and make friends, develop relationships and grow.

An accountability partner – That person to give you the kick up the butt you need to push you further that you ever thought.

How much does it cost?
 With the cost of living going up in the world this is the 1 thing I want to be affordable for you always. So we are offering all this for £20 per month, there is a surprise there two if you sign onto the waiting list. We said there was perks and we are starting as we mean to go on.

There is however a time limit, we close the doors on this Equine entrepreneur community at the beginning of February on launch day! This allows us to give you whole heartedly everything you need.

Last perk, we have a waiting list. This entitles you to be in the know before everyone else. You will know before the doors even open what offers are coming your way, what trainings will you be receiving and a few other surprises on the way.

If you want this to be you register your interest now and join our waiting list. HERE.

So feel like giving it a try just join onto our waiting list to be the first in the know.