How I became Millie’s Mum

Many people have asked me how I became Mechanical Millie’s mum so I thought i would share our story.
I Work within the family business, K A Lloyd Plant Hire doing all the strange jobs in life, i cant stand to be normal. I currently still drive our Road sweeper and feel i will do forever more. I love being apart of the family company and seeing where my dad came from originally to where we are now is im sure what gave me the determination to be my own boss. Plus the fact that i hate being bossed about, am to creative and skatty to work for one person and i always want more, qualities i feel a 9-5 job doesn’t really need, however are spot on for the self employed individual.

Mechanical Millie was born in Holland created from an older model of the Equismulator here in the Uk. These machines actually ended up bringing two people together to create them and they are now husband and wife, which is epic i think. So, I was already into horses, already teaching and loving what  i did but needed something a little more sustainable. Ie when it rains everyone does not run for the hills and your left with days of nothing to do and no work. I had used one of the older models of Millie and loved what it was able to do and best of all just great fitness for me so when the opportunity arose to buy one i moved heaven and earth to make it happen. I was to inpatient to wait for Millie to be posted, and even more inpatient at the thought of waiting around for days until a truck came to deliver her was even more horrific for me. The other half was going away for 6 months for work and i felt as he use to live in germany and was use to driving on the wrong side of the road it was his duty to be designated Millie chauffeur. 48 Hours later and an a hour or 2 of sleep we made it home with my new toy. I loved meeting the creator of the machines in Holland, seeing her beautiful rehab yard and just immersing myself in the beauty of Holland it was out of the movies. Don’t ask me what bit we went to, this was over a year ago now.
Fast forward a year and we are out teaching ever weekend, she has been adapted to become fully portable so i can move her in elevators, across horse yards and i have been up stairs although that was difficult! She was christened Mechanical Millie from our lovely facebook fans, and has probably seen every county of the Uk twice.
The highlights for me are seeing the faces of the people on board beaming from ear to ear because they just realised a new concept or had that light bulb moment, got back on a horse again after breaking their spine and trusting their bodies to be able to ride again.  We have seen so many inspirational stories and that is why i love being Mechanical Millie’s mum.

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