Silver, Gold or Platinum

So which level are you? Silver, gold or Platinum

There is a level and a budget within this community for everyone and every type of equestrian business.
So lets start with platinum as it just sounds exciting and you get so much with this package its bursting at the seams.

Access to our trainings – Hosted through our website you will have your own log in and password to access a variety of trainings and resources for your business. NOT every package gets access to this so make the most of it.

Eligibility for Extra advertising perks – As part of the community we are offering out discount codes to members. As a platinum member you have the option to get your company’s codes added to that list, helping give you a boost in sales. AND we have product of the month, you as platinum are eligible to apply for your product to be the product of the month. This deal is exclusive to platinum members and we just love it.

Facebook group – We have a Facebook group where you can network, chat and help other members of the industry.  There will be a chance to post your links to boost engagement, find other specialists to work with and so much more.

Meet ups – There will be online and actual meet ups within the community. Perfect excuse I say to go to some of the equestrian events across the uk or hope onto a chat and get to know each other better from the comfort of your home.

A lot of discount codes – The equine industry is a darn expensive place to be and anything we can do to make it that tad more affordable we will. So every month we will be giving out discount codes to help you succeed. The savings here easily pay for you membership.

Free voucher – A little something from me to you. You have to wait and see for this one.


Is gold more your style?

As it drops down to £20 a month for you. However you loose some of the awesome perks of being a platinum.

  • You can not add discount codes onto the list for other companies to use – sorry
  • You are not eligible for product of the month – you will still be able to see what it is and get your hands on it at a Eequine price but you won’t be the person that product belongs to.


My silver friends this one is absolutely free!

You get all the support of having a community right at the end of your fingertips without the price tag.

  • The facebook community is all yours to network and expand your community.
  • You are more than welcome to any of our meet ups, we would love to have you.

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