What do you do when opportunity knocks but you’re not sure on if it sits true with your ethics, values and how you want to portray you and your business. Guess it’s just time to dig deep.
It times like this when a spanner gets thrown into your perfectly good business plan that in reality you absolutely love but wished it would make you some more money. Don’t we all? That you start to question what you believe in? What you want for your company? What do you want to stand for? What resonates with you and helps you spread your message? My whole message is to encourage and educate equine businesses with the overall aim to promote horse and human health.
In essence I want the very best for horse and rider and I think the industry as a whole needs to become more aware in order to full implement this. WAIT WAIT WAIT. Before you go crazy at me. I’m not anti anything! I just want to educate on a variety of methods some you might agree with some you probably won’t however enabling individuals and businesses to make informed choices. That’s all, generally there is no 1 right and wrong method in this world.

So really what do I want for you:
I want you to feel supported and liberated on all aspects of Horse and Human health.
To feel able to try new things that might ordinarily seem out of the ‘norm’ but for you to know its ok to try it anyway.
To have a community you can turn to when you stuck that WILL NOT judge, abuse or make you feel anything but supported and positive. Click here to join.
To feel motivated to be the best you and your horse can be and when motivation is lacking to be disciplined enough to soldier on.
For you to be healthy, strong and positive. This can be in a variety of manners such as physically but also mentally, spiritually, emotionally to name a few.
For your horse to be healthy, strong and willing in all manners.
I want so much for you all as my fellow equestrians and when making choices within my business as to what I offer or don’t offer as the case may be today and if I think it will add value or devalue what I am aiming to provide for you. Sleep has not been my friend recently.
So my advice after my long rambling is know what you stand for and please don’t let anyone change that. In this modern era it is not fit in or ….. you know the rest of the sentence. There is options and if you haven’t found yours or if you cant find yours it just means you need to keep looking. Create it, find it, mould it until its what you really want and need and always look back. Whatever your doing does it sit true with how you want to portray yourself and your business.
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