Common Mechanical MIllie questions

Mechanical Millie Questions


I get a lot of Questions asked about Millie and Now fred so i thought we would do some debunking of myths and answer some of your common mechanical Millie questions questions in regards to these fantastic machines.


Q. Do you need electric?
Nope, we are human powered simulators. They do exactly as they say on the tin, they are human powered. When you move correctly they move when you move not so to their liking they don’t move.

Q. What if i cant make her move?
I have failed at my job! My job is to help you understand and have the best session of your life. If you cant make the machine move I have failed as a instructor. You will get her moving, and it is fun i promise you. SO relax and enjoy it, i get asked this all the time.

Q. Has anyone fallen of it before?
No and no one is going to ok. The paperwork is not friend so i wont let you.

Q. Where is her head?
Eh, she doesn’t need one. Much less to carry round the country if she doesn’t have a head. Also means she cant answer back.

Why do you have no reins?
I want you to feel your balance without them. If you can’t balance without them, i want you to be able to learn to. If you get really stuck we have Theraband reins, but don’t pull on them because they pull back.

Where do you come from?
Me and my ponies come from sunny Dorset, Bournemouth. But I love travelling the Uk meeting some amazing yards and people.

Do you do regular lessons?
Depends where you are. We have a spot on our website called. Mechanical Millie Locations or we can help you as often as you like with our instructor in your pocket programme, Check it out here.

Why Millie?
I was adamant she was going to be a girl. Because you get some rude comments sometimes, but we ran a competition and Millie was the chosen name.

Does it feel like a real horse?
Yes and no, She is based on a big warm blood so if that isn’t what you are use to its going to be weird.  However the more you relax and get into the swing of things the better she moves. Remember she is human powered so if your not moving correctly, big horse style it isn’t going to ride or feel like a horse.