DJ Dressage – Part 3 – Seat & Weight aids

DJ Dressage take us through part 3 of our E Equine blog tips for training series. This time we are talking through the seat and weight aids give you quick practical advice.

Its job

The job of the seat and weight are to enhance the horses balance. By staying soft and allowing and mirroring his movement as if you are continuation of the horses body. In normal movement the seat bones are in a neutral position with a correctly aligned posture. The seat aids should always be subtle and involve directing the seat bones towards the way that you are moving. For instance in a halt the seat bones stop moving to indicate to the horse that you want him to stop moving. In a rein back the seat bones will direct backwards again to follow the direction that you wish your horse to move towards.

The weight aids are equally as subtle and involve using your weight to help your horse stay balanced and upright. For instance on a circle you will turn your shoulders onto the line of the circle with your spine staying central to the circle and your weight not dropping to the inside. This should have the effect of directing your horse and helping him to stay upright rather than ‘motorbiking’ and leaning over on the circle.

It is important that the rider is responsible for their own body weight in the saddle; simply put no slouching or leaning behind the movement. The body should be held in a controlled but relaxed manner which requires good muscle tone and core strength. It is not just your horse that should be in self carriage!

Your say

Next blog we are going to start trouble shooting some simple problems that riders regularly come up against whilst training. If you have anything you would specifically like covered please get in touch and we will do our best to devote a blog to your topic.

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