Have you looked at your Knee Blocks – 5 tips

knee rolls

Does your saddle have knee blocks?
Some saddles come with removable knee blocks velcroed and some have fixed blocks. If you have removable blocks you are onto a winner because you can change them. Did you know there is different blocks and the ones you have could be hindering your riding and your position.


  1. The block your saddle come with might not be the right fit for you and what your planning to do. Just because it came with the saddle does not mean you can not change it to make your set up even better. You have options so make the most of them. Even if that’s just moving the blocks you have around.
  2. Velcro knee blocks come in a variety of sizes depending on the individual and the saddle. You have blocks with more shape or straight down,  thinner or thicker blocks depending on individuals thighs.
  3. Do not rely on your knee blocks! They are a extremely handy tool when riding but you don’t need to hold onto them for dear life. The more you grip the more restriction you are putting on your body, remember you have to move on a moving horse.
  4. Move your blocks around. If you cant or dont want to buy different sizes have your tried moving them around on the saddle. If your saddle puts you in a chair seat push the blocks back to help you sit in the shoulder, hip, heel position.
  5. Take them off. Do you rely on them or can you ride without them?? Im just going to leave you thinking on that one.




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