My 5 top tips as to why you should wear Hi Vis & LEDS no matter the weather!

This might sounds a little doom and gloom but it will take less than 5 mins to read these tips and  i can assure you if you are in one of these situations you will be eternally grateful you made that little extra effort. You never know it could save your life.

  1. If the worse was to happen to you and you were seriously injured wearing hi Vis makes the emergency services job so much easier. The air ambulance has a much higher chance of seeing a bright pink person in the heathlands than a dark coloured blob. Horse rider SOS is a great app to help too. Link here 
  2. If your horse decided to leave you on the deck and bugger off without out. They can very easily hide themselves in a bush somewhere stuffing their face oblivious to you hunting for them. Hi Vis of whatever colour allows them to be spotted quicker and easier.
  3. If you are going down a dark lane and there is no lights there is nothing for you’re hi vis to reflective off. Having LEDS as part of your riding attire allows you to be seen even when there isn’t any light. If you are short on HI vis we have you covered check it out Here.
  4. If you go out in the middle of the day to an event, hack or fun ride and something was to happen. Horse wont load you have to walk home, whatever the reason your delayed the darkness creeps in quick and you don’t want to be stuck without something to help you be seen.
  5. Its darn well good etiquette. You want the cars to slow down, the road users to be considerate and everyone to get on well. It works both ways make sure they can fully see you from miles back, not just at the last minute. Your job is to make sure they can see you their job is to treat you and your horse with respect. They can’t respect you if they can’t see you, it gives horse riders a bad name.


Happy riding


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