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Welcome to our quick Q&A all about bits and some commonly asked questions. The top team giving the advice is BitsnBridles. Check them out below.
The Question
Q: I have a warmblood that was competed in a single jointed 3 ring gag on the lower ring for a year, jumped amazing then she began to have sores in the crease of her mouth and we jumped her temporarily in a hackamore to allow the mouth to heal. I am now looking to get a bit back in but don’t know what to use. Shes very strong, sensitive and also need something that wont create sores/split. Thanks.
A: A single joint causes the nut cracker action which when on a gag is exaggerated. Even more so the pressures of the bit Omar’s all on the corners of the mouth, edges of the tongue and bars. The sores are a sign of too much pressure.
I’d suggest a bit that has a nice shape to it and is double jointed, a shaped bit will take bit away from the corners of the mouth and the double joint will lessen the nutcracker action. Freeing the bit up in the mouth will encourage the horse to work more from behind and off the forehand which is making the matter worse.
Also a universal cheek will give you options for jumping. The gag action will give a head raising action to aid jumping whilst not over bitting the horse as you will find that once we find a mouthpiece that suits better we do not need as much action on the bit.
The Expert Bits Comfy Mouth Universal is the first bit I would try, that fits all the above that I have advised

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