Struggling with sitting trot?

We are going to give you the tips and tricks to sit your sitting trot like a pro. You just got to be willing to put the effort in.

It can be bouncy
It can uncomfortable
It can be hell on earth some times I swear!

So here is my tips and I would love to know how you got on with them.

Our horse works from their back end. If I was to pop you on that horse and cut you down the middle looking side on I need you to work from your back end. And no that’s not your butt. Your lower back is going to be your engine or your spring whatever works best for you to absorb the motion the horse gives you.

If you are trying to absorb the motion by sitting still and you find your head is bobbing. Its not your back absorbing it and the motion has to come out somewhere. I give you nodding donkey.

If you are trying to absorb the motion by sitting still and you find your feet are flapping like fish. The same thing applies your back is not absorbing and so it has to go somewhere. Que flappy fish feet.

Or my belling dancing friends. You belly is wiggling and working to absorb the motion and it works!! There is just 2 issues. Your working from your front and that means your horse is more than likely on or more on their forehand. That’s not something either of us wants. Your belly is also moving as a a result of your back not moving.

SO im assuming you have linked to one of those and grumbling at me because i’ve pointed out the issues you already know. Here is some other issues you might not be aware of.

  • If your back is super tight. How do you expect it to flex and move with the horse?
  • If you back is flexed to far forward and your pelvis tilted forward you body is already on the forehand and you have no chance of engaging the hind end, unless something at the front lets go.
  • You have really tight hips that again pull you onto your front. Your body will use the strongest most common muscles because that’s muscle memory. So its going to take a lot of change for 1 body part to switch of to even let the back consider possibly working.

So the fun part when you, know which person you are and which problems you are facing its time to go to sitting trot.

The horse has to side to their body and you have to sides to yours. And it’s a left right movement. Push both seat bones together and your blocking that mighty powerful leg that comes backwards. Your pushing forward they are pushing backwards. They are bigger and stronger and energy has to go somewhere so up you bounce.

Go into walk first and feel the left right movement of the front legs. Your seat bones go forward with the front legs going forward.

Once you feel it in walk ask the horse to go forward to trot and the left and right is still there just a little faster.

There is a 100 more tips I could give on this subject but I will be here forever so if you need more help. Give us a message at

It would be our pleasure to help you.


Featured image is of our beautiful sponsored rider who has nailed her sitting trot. Check them out here.