How we can help you

How we can help you with our love for horse and human health.

The passion is to support horse and rider be the healthiest and most connected versions of themselves. Without a healthy rider you can not have a healthy working horse. Without a straight and healthy horse you can’t have a straight and healthy rider. You are a mirror image of each other for better or for worse. ( Its like a marriage)

There is however lots of external factors involved in keeping horse and rider healthy. We work with professionals across the globe to bring you the very best so you can do what’s right for you and your horse. Every horse is different and so is every rider.  It’s vital you find what works for you, not your friend or their friend, you!

Having worked with many different horses some that have been classed as dangerous. or others people just needed to find a new home for due to their quirks. This is where my passion started. They needed a voice to listen to their needs, we all know one size doesn’t fit all scenarios but that’s what generally what happens.

Important advice

People have set methods of how things should be done and if didn’t work that horse was bad. That’s what modern organisations are based around are they not? Guidelines and methods to be followed and abide by.

Well im here to tell you with the help of international experts that there is hundreds of different ways you can get the result you want, you just need to know where to look.  Eequine will be the central hub for all things horse and human health, via our blogs, free online resources and so much more. I cant wait to share with you all this knowledge.