Winter Prep has began


Winter prep in this horsey house hold has began for both all my ponies and every year the aim is to get a tad more organised. As i am writing this its pouring down with rain, im surrounded by 3 yard cats that usually don’t stay in the lounge longer than it takes to eat. Plus a wet collie that is adamant she needs a cuddle while im not so keen. Welcome to my personal winter prep.



Old guy 17.2 ex racehorse who has been retired for 8-9 years. With ring bone, side bone and navaicular and in his 20’s this was my first horse. Although could beast he is my big baby.

  • Delved deep into his feed and took out all the premade crappy feed you never new was there.
  • He now has 2 giant hay nets a day, less hard feed
  • Joint supplement – Premier performance Joint plus here
  • Stomach supplement – Premier performance stomach maintenance here


9  Year old Welsh D x New forest

  • Lessons booked every week, we shall own this winter stuffs
  • Not rugged currently so dri rug and normal rug put on few hours before lesson and he is good to go.
  • Will be clipped when is more mammoth than horse
  • 1 feed a day has turned into 2
  • All ollie trashed rugs have been well trashed and news ones got in.
  • Hay play ball (here) in yellow to help entertain him in the hope my fencing survives longer


Emily stuff

All the things i had to do for me as well as the yard to make it easier.

  • New waterproof trousers
  • Looking for a riding skirt
  • The dogs dri rug -no one likes stinky dog next to your bed
  • More haynets so i can batch fill them.
  • New thermos coz im cranky when im cold. That’s your warning,
  • Fluffy PJS
  • Hot water bottle
  • Fluffy socks

Lots of things survived from last year which is amazing like all our warm Hi Viz clothing, beanies, waterproof jackets and the first aid kit i didn’t have to use. Good ponies!

Field shelters is a big thing on my mind at the current. I know i don’t like getting wet and the 1 thing that would make my life easier is having somewhere dry to tack up Mr. Oliver. If i master this bit of the puzzle i will let you know. The mission is cheap, practical and council happy.