Eequine Entrepreneurs

Eequine Entrepreneurs

Want to develop your Business

If any of the below are you then your in the right place.

Short of cash but want a make a big impact on your company

Need more customers to expand your business

Do you need more time to do the things you love?

Between £0-£20 pm you can grow your equine business

I am dedicated to supporting equine entrepreneurs across the world develop and grow their business. As an entrepreneur myself within the equine industry I feel your pain, know your struggles and together as a collective we are going to change the industry.

The entrepreneur bug came  when I realised I was a rubbish employee. Looking back now, I would fire myself, (the back chat was amazing). If I thought something wasn’t working within the company I would come straight out and tell my boss, no cares given!

I spent 4 years fully employed and a further 2 years half-in half-out of running my business. Eventually, I took the gamble and went head first into full time entrepreneurship. I was in a lot of debt, but I knew I had to follow my passion for horses, plus I was never going back to working for someone again – no matter what!

Emily x

Lets get real. The equine industry is a hard place to be and it isn’t always the friendliest nor
most supportive place to make a living.

You're not in this business for the love of paperwork, marketing and admin. 
You're in it for the horses.

Yet your life revolves around checking boxes, filling out forms, struggling with how to take the 
next step and wondering how much it's all going to cost.

Does this above sound like you?

So, we have created a community where you can network, discuss and build your empire.

Leading professionals offering trainings and support to help your business succeed.

We provide you with hundreds of pounds worth of discounts every month, making those necessary items for your business or those items than will take you to new heights that bit more affordable

So, what it is Triple E?

  • It’s an online tribe of budding equine entrepreneurs wanting to build and develop their businesses.
  • Individuals that want to automate their business, freeing up some more ME time.
  • Individuals that what to outsource those pain in the neck jobs that take up all your damn time.
  • It’s that supportive network so that’s so desperately missed-you will have the opportunity to network, collaborate and discuss ideas to help you grow.
    This is your tribe that will take you to new heights.

Go for gold and become apart of a community you will never regret.

What you get going for gold

Access to discount codes
Access to fantastic online resources
Free voucher to triple E for a friend

Access to our Facebook community - with all the tips and interviews.
Access to our members meet ups
Product of the month discount code

I have been there

I have been in the position within my business where there is no more money in the pot. The liveries just kept wanting more and there was no care in the world for anything else other than ‘ me, me, me.’ Training horses was my thing, but I spent hours and hours advertising my services, responding to potential clients and time wasting people on Facebook. At the end of the day, the job i loved so much wasn’t that appetising anymore. I was tired, so damn tired,overworked  and under paid, Im sure you can feel me there. I wasn’t short of ideas! In fact I was full of ideas of how I was going to make my millions but how iI could implement them was, my greatest issue.

This was my motivation and inspiration for Triple E, I don’t want any budding entrepreneurs in this industry, (a hard industry for against the norm ideas) to be discouraged, disheartened or not able to get the information they need to set their dreams alight.
I hope you love Triple E as much as I do.