Embark on a journey with Millie! Introducing our Millie Away Days, our traveling experience that brings the excitement of riding with Mechanical Millie directly to you. Perfect for equestrian enthusiasts and riders of all levels, Millie Away Days promises a day filled with learning, refining your skills, and enjoying the thrill of our innovative riding simulator.

But that’s not all – Millie Away Days is also an invitation for you to host your very own Millie Day. Check it out here

Visit our HQ for an exclusive session. Check out more information here. 

Whether you want Millie to come to your location or prefer to join us at our headquarters, the choice is yours. Elevate your riding experience, learn with precision, and create unforgettable memories with Mechanical Millie. Get ready for a day of excitement and education wherever you are on your equestrian journey!

19.11.2023Fernfield equestrian
10.12.20023Langley Hill Livery Clare@langleyhilllivery.com 7PS, Hitchin,
03.02.2024Newquay riding club
16.02.2024 -17.02.2024Sheffield - LMH Equestrian Lucymh18@gmail.com
23.03.2023NDRC -North Devon Riding Cub
13.04.2024CE Dressagecedressage@gmail.com RDA 078515+99571
02.12.2023IDG Farm Livery, Marsh Way, Woolstone, Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN77QL