5 tips using Spiky Balls

5 Top tips using spiky balls

Spiky balls, to me are just heavenly in a ouchy kind of way. Super versatile item and cheap making looking after your health  more affordable. Check out my top 5 tips/ reasons as to why I love spiky balls.

  1. Equestrians with tight hips – Put them under your thighs. While you are warming up or hacking out your horse to help stretch and open your hips. The difference if amazing! If you have seriously tight hips for whatever reason and a spikey ball is to much aim for something smaller like vert wrap or gamgee.
  2. Massaging your feet. After a long day standing, my feet are not happy and the arch hurts like hell. My trick is to roll the spikey ball under my feet against the floor to give them the massage they need and relive the pain. Taking it to the next level put the ball in the fridge ( haven’t tried freezer) and use the cold to help reduce the swelling build up.


Bonus tips with spikey balls

Use the spiky ball to maintain your peak performance in between regular sessions with a specialist of your choice. Anywhere you have a sore muscle, and you know its sore by popping a spikey balls there and rolling around. Find the pain, find the ouchies, and just roll it out. They are incredible versatile tools and a massive step in looking after yourself as a equestrian.

  1.  Butt love. The ass gets very tight especially if you are a squat not trot kinda fan. PLacing the ball on my butt and rolling against the wall is a great way to have the effects of someone massaging your butt without some one touching you. Or maintaining your physios work in between sessions.
  2. Tight Hips. Take the spikey ball that you have been rolling around on your butt with and place in on your hips, im gonna be the first to say it looks kinda weird but your be fine. As a horse rider our hips can get crazy tight so see what you think of this one and let us know.
  3. IT band/ thighs. To improve circulation and help release any tightness in my thighs i cup the spikey ball in my hand and roll it around against my thigh. This method isn’t so painful as the others due to less weight being behind the motion. Nonetheless its still a fantastic way of relieving tension and promoting blood flow across the body.




Grab some balls!