5 Top tips for hydration

It’s the new year and I have plenty of habits I want to introduce into my life, such as drinking water and keeping hydrated. Now I started just after Christmas to get a head start so I started 2022 running not just warming up. Now I have listed my 5 top tips for staying hydrated and I hope they can help you too.


  1. Eat water rich fruits and vegetables. – I am shit at drinking, always have been, and recently I was told by the optician that my lack of hydration was even effecting my eyes. Note I now have eye drops 4 times a day, urgh!! So any quick cheats to get water into my life without having to remember to drink water I was down for. For example, peppers, tomatoes, oranges, cauliflower, grapefruit to name a few. Sneak some of these bad boys in and although it doesn’t replace my need for drinking so much it gives me an extra boost in my hydration journey.
  2. Flavour your water – I cant stand the taste of water so maybe that’s why I don’t drink enough; it makes me gag. URGH! So adding flavours is a game changer, yup I drink a lot of squash but the added sugar content isn’t always great, but so is not drinking at all so compromises! However, lemon water I am a huge fan of. If your taste buds are much better than mine you can go all out- strawberry water, watermelon, cucumber- all the things.
  3. Have a water bottle or watering system that works for you – Yup I made it sound like I’m a plant. I have 2 methods; one I’m still trying to remember to do but work in progress ok. My first is my Camelack bottle. This thing doesn’t leak, it makes drinking easy and I got a litre bottle, so it was easy maths when I was figuring out how much or how little water I had consumed today. My other hack is a bladder, also made by Camelback, but this goes into a tiny back pack that I wear around the horse field and out riding, allowing me to keep drinking throughout the day, nomatter what I’m doing.
  4. Take regular sips – This personally comes down to the two drinking devices I mentioned before; having a back pack on with a sippy straw almost that is right next to my mouth at all times makes it super easy and convenient for me when I’m being a lazy ass to keep sipping and keep drinking those fluids. Big bottles, but also anti leak lids, means I’m more likely to have a bottle near my computer etc due to the whole electric water thing. And, ya know, I don’t have to get up as many times to get a drink (we are back to the lazy part).
  5. Reminders – New habits are hard to stick to and we often forget to do them, even when we have all the best intentions in the world because it’s not engrained in our heads as normal. So reminders on your phone, your watch or on your google bells and routines, (ya look them up, life savours!) are a sure way to stay on top of this new habit becoming just a habit.

Let us know how you get on on your hydration journey. Pop over to our social medias and tag a picture of yourself getting in your water.

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