Being a Equestrian – made affordable

Affordable equestrian? PHAA, when you tell people you have horses its generally met with the opinion that you are well off. In reality most of us are working crazy hours and getting up at silly o clock just to keep our horses, let alone live the life of luxury that is associated with being an equestrian. Don’t get me wrong if i had the chance to buy one of those AMAZINGGG horse boxes i would. Although I don’t know how anyone keeps white leather clean. Anyways, here at eequine we have brought out a new program we hope to be affordable for all equestrians at only £10 per month.


Its called Millie’s Mission down to the fact our amazing simulator is called Millie. Plus as a company we are on a mission to change the way people look at horse and human health. There is lots of different methods on how to be a good horse person.

If you pick the natural horsemanship method. PWHAA – your this airy fairy horse person that does alot of nonsense.

If you pick Parelli you get told your methods are a bit harsh or you do some weird things.

Monty Roberts – If you need a dually to control your horse all the time what happens when you don’t have one?


NO matter what you choose someone will have this poo poo mentality on what your doing. Sometimes you don’t even try anything new or break the mold in fear of those yard busy bodies sticking their nose in.



Eequine is building a library of resources that are designed to support and encourage people to try whatever it is their heart desires. There is no wrong or right way to do this but the aim is to give you 101 ways to try. Find what works best for you and own it.

Mix everything you see and make your own way! Take bits and leave others, there is no pressure to be united to 1 cause. However there is a united opinion that you need to enjoy your horses. If you are enjoying it, not breaking any laws or hurting anyone. The support and love from this family is 100% behind you.

OH did we also mention we are securing you the best deals and discounts across the equine and human health industry to make looking after you and your horse even more affordable.


Hop on over to the website to check it out. And join the private Facebook group for all those extras, community and team spirit.Affordable equestrian life here we come.