Shuttle Theft – Fun games to improve your fitness

Looking for a fun way to improve your cardio and stamina to allow you to ride for longer?

Ever considered shuttle theft?

Shuttle theft is an amazingly fun game to play in the arena or your field with a friend. It has many variants depending on your preferences, but here is a basic version of the game which you can  then just have fun adapting however you like.

The basic rules:

So here it is. You start with 14 pieces of tack at the centre of the arena. You and your friend place yourselves at opposite ends. When the game begins, you have to run to the middle, grab a piece of tack and then return to your start position. You then repeat until both of you have 7 tack items. You may only carry one item at a time. It is entirely up to you whether you focus on having the correct equipment for your pony, or try to sabotage your friend by taking two saddles but make do without a bridle for example.

Variant 1:

There is no limit on how many items you can grab in total. Still only moving one piece at a time, can you go faster than your opponent and take items that they need?

Variant 2:

Set a time limit. Keep snatching tack until the time runs out.

Variant 3:

We call this game type ‘the pack horse’ because you can take as many items as you can carry, just go careful not to trip!

Variant 4:

Get creative! Have fun and create your own version of this game that we absolutely love, but please don’t be selfish. Share with us your fabulous ideas so we can have a go too!