Yoga Ball Challenge

Have you seen our yoga ball challenge?

We are a little over a week into this challenge and I thought I would share some more about it. The inspiration came from one of the amazing physios I see when travelling with my riding simulator, Millie. We did a video where myself was on a yoga ball and Sarah was on a wobble board and we had to play catch.

Can you see a new challenge there?
It was incredibly amusing but also the strength, balance, coordination, and muscle control where all fantastic skills we needed for our riding. As soon as I was home i dragged my ball out of the box it was shoved it and played around on it most days since. I managed to sit on the ball for 2 minutes singing full pelt to The greatest showman song – This is me. Without the singing my whole body became tense very quickly so was a fun way to counter balance that. Funnily enough this is exactly what I do when I ride, one muscles asks for an aid and before I know it, especially on my weak side every darn muscles has tensed in order to help out and I’m completely blocking my horse anyway.

The challenge was born!

There is no set programme to this challenge minus its 30 days long, however keep going afterwards to feel the rewards. So where ever you are now is the perfect place to start and then you just need an end goal. Your end goal can be anything as long as it’s a stretch for you. If that’s sitting on the ball and not holding on, sitting for 1 minute, sitting on your knees or crazy people like myself can try standing up it doesn’t matter. The aim of the game is to improve YOU, no one else.

So if you would like to take part within the challenge use the hashtag:

And you can make a video, comment on my days if you don’t want it on film and join in. It’s never too late to start and no goal is too big because it’s your goal no one else’s. I can wait to see your progress throughout the 30 days and hopefully you will see and feel a difference in your riding but also your day to day posture.

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