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Its all well and good riding on Millie but practicing everything you have learnt on your horse sometimes dosent go to plan. Send us through a video with what your working on, what you want help with and we shall review it for you. Sending you back all the helpful tips and tricks to smash it

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Hestevards ability is a powerful antioxidant formula for horses of all ages and disciplines. Contains 150mg of Hyaluronic Acid per 50ml, which contributes to the preservation of Synovial Fluid in joints. The active ingredient in Ability (Curcumin) contains more than 4X the amount found in Turmeric in its natural form. Additional, we micro-encapsulate our curcumin … Continue reading Ability

Linseed Oil – 1 Litre

100% Pure, Cold Pressed Linseed Oil, to aid the maintenance of a healthy coat, skin, digestive system & metabolism.

Kur – Q – Flex

Fast acting liquid joint supplement Containing Micro-encapsulated Curcumin extract aiding in the natural systems in the horse controlling inflammation. As well as a potent anti-oxidant for muscle and exercise recovery. Curcumin, compared to natural forms of turmeric offers significantly higher absorption rates.   Benefits of Micro-Encapsulated Curcumin for Horses Supports the body’s Anti-inflammatory systems. Inflammation … Continue reading Kur – Q – Flex

Ball Bags – Single

These handy dandy ball bags clip onto your D rings of the saddle to hold your balls in place. Here at Eequine use balls to help stretch our hips and release our thighs and knees from the saddle. Just pop the ball in the bag, pull the pull string to keep them safe and pop … Continue reading Ball Bags – Single

Human Tool- Saddle Seat

The Human tool saddle seat is designed with your comfort in mind and aimed at improving your posture and spinal strength compared to supporting or propping you up. Its a well known fact that being still for prolonged periods of time can increase stiffness. The seat encourages lots of micro movements to help strengthen and … Continue reading Human Tool- Saddle Seat