Have you seen our Ollie bridles? Designed around the idea of my horse with his large ears/ devil horns the ollie bridle came to life.


We are not producing any more, at least not this year anyways. SO that means there is 21 bridles out there with our name stamped on the and that’s it. I’m so proud of these bridles and the reason we are stopping production has nothing to do with how awesome these bad boys are.

We are a small company and currently do not have enough capital to create the next size order required by our manufactures. This is the only reason we are stopping producing these unless we can find an investor. Buts that’s ok. Well for 2 reasons really.

  1. We still have a few left. Yup you can buy them as a whole bridle if we have your size left and we have like 3 left so don’t doordle. OR you can buy the parts you want, which is a bonus.
  2. We will be coming back next year with more but they will be better and more awesome and amazing.

SO if you have one of the 21 bridles produced keep them safe they are one of a kind.  Plus send me a picture because I love to see them.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new version coming to you. SOMEWHEN.

Current bridle link is here.