Does your pony have fat ears/devil horns?

My horse does and personally I call them devil horns, which I think he would agree is a fitting name but on a more serious note the big guy really does have fat ears. I am very aware I am to much of a tight mamma to spend £100’s on a bridle which personally I don’t thinks worth it but his ears needed room.
My requirement where:

  • Enough room for his overly large devil horns/ears
  • Simple Cavesson noseband
  • Nicely padded – He is a delicate flower and I like spoiling him
  • Under £100 because well I am not spending any more.
  • Not look cheap and nasty!

I couldn’t find something I wanted or liked fitting those requirements so I thought bugger it I will make my own, as you do. Thus the ‘Ollie’ was born, I didn’t think “Fat ear bridle” or “Horn bridle” really sounded that great to be honest so we just went with his boring name.

The leather is soft and flexible and smells so dam good. There is plenty of room for his devil ears and they now work like owls twitching all day long in their new found freedom. The nose piece was simple, comfortable and designed with a crank not because I wanted to crank his mouth shut. Completely the opposite, I just think it sits much leveller with a traditional noseband. Browband is also designed to allow more freedom and movement for his royal highness.

There will be more bridles to come all with different designs and key features inspired by horses I have worked with to date.
Interested – Check it out here




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