5,4,3, – New Habits are a go

Time seems to be a little more available these days and what better way to fill your time is by improving yourself and your horses health and wellbeing, with new habits. Here is a list of the 10 things im a consciously doing through this covid 19 pandemic to help me and my ponio.  Some of these require travel so you can pick or choose or better yet add your own items.

  1. I took up gardening – of the productive kind. I’m starting to grow my own fruit and vegetables here at home for me and the fur babies. I am really not a green fingered kind of human so I’m starting slow. The horses have old tires in their field that I have stacked 3 high, filled with their shit. Thank you horses and have planted mint, rosemary and other yummy goodies for them to chow down on. At home I have started with onions and tomatoes. I will let you know how they get on, hopefully.
  2. Joined a mastermind. I am self-employed and I’ve decided with the extra time I am going to learn and develop and grow myself emotionally, mentally and my business physically. Or should I say virtually right now. If you see EEquine evolving and developing to help you it might be down to this mastermind, who knows.
  3. I started caring more about my health. When you first start any health journey your why needs to be huge to get you through the times when you just don’t want to. How about this for a why. I want to improve my health and wellbeing because I enjoy living, I enjoy seeing my horses, my family and I love my job. If I’m not healthy enough to work my business would suffer which means I couldn’t feed my furbabies and my other business working with dad would put all the strain on him. I will not have that for him or myself so my why for getting healthy is very very simple. As we come out of this season, my new patters are going to be established enough that they will be habits and it’s easy to continue.
  4. My mother is going to love this one. I took up cleaning. Yes, yes not much to do with your horse’s health but everything to do with mine and my mental state. Clean office means I can work with all this clutter on the desk clutter on the brain. Newly organised systems in the office, horse tack room ( i.e. my porch,) the book shelves, and the kitchen cupboards leaves me physically able to function better because its all organised. Add in the obvious that this pandemic we are in is a virus so keeping the house and my car and myself physically clean is also a really big added bonus. You can fudge off tho if you think I’m making my bed. I like that messy means its more snuggly to get in.
  5. I read somewhere that in the morning when we wake up our body is at its most alkiline state. So I now start my day with a glass of lemon water.
  6. I take turmeric. I had had the powder since 2019 Liverpool show, know the massive impact it can have on my let’s just say SLIGHTLY broken body but I’m being honest it tastes like yuck! A tiny bit of powder and a lot of smoothie could just about hide the taste but I can guarantee I can get enough smoothie to last. So I brought veggie capsules. Its like empty medicine capsules. I scoop my turmeric into these capsules and I don’t have to taste a thing plus get all the goodness. Top tip, wear gloves the turmeric stains your fingers yellow and mother asks if you have taken up smoking.
  7. I will do something with my horse every day for as long as I can. I always use to say that I had to much work to do and never made time to squeeze pony love in. Well the thought of not seeing my boys means I’m going to get into the habit of doing work with him every day. Don’t get me wrong I went up and did the evening run every day and someone else I share with did the morning run. However now, im going to get into the habit of at a minimum grooming them or giving them a equissage session or riding or lunging whatever I can.
  8. Dance parties are a regular in this house now. Dog and cat are not amused. It so easy to get down and sad with the news and how much are lives are having to adapt. So banging on some tunes and dancing it out like I just don’t care.
  9. Researching activities I can do with the horses. I have 1 retired and one little darling who is challenging but fun to work with. I’m learning and educating myself on all the alternative things I can do now or after this to help them both. Core exercises for the old man, ways to slow him down eating, fun challenging obstacles for the youngster. It’s adding more to my bow so they can have a better live.
  10. I choose joy. I follow people online that make me happy, that inspire me and full me up. If it’s sad depressing I don’t have time for that and neither do you. Life is short so make the very most of it because you can change the world!


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