Make the last 2 months count!

Everyone is about starting the new year with resolutions and kicking the year off strong. Well what if we make the last 2 months count? How much further ahead would you be if you had 2 months head start and already on a roll before the year starts.

There is many things you could do that would give you the kick start you need. To many and you could feel overwhelmed and are much more likely to cave in on the promises you made yourself. So pick a number between 1-5 or maybe build on it after a month and lets a new you. Listed below is a range of ideas you could implement in your life to create a bold and brave new you.


  1. Give up 1 food that doesn’t serve you. Ie. Chocolate, cake, Take away, cheese etc.
  2. Drink your body weight in oz water.
  3. Do 1 horsey thing  every day Рit can be tiny.
  4. Make 1 hour for yourself every day.
  5. Move your body every day.
  6. Write your goals down every week
  7. Journaling.
  8. Create a morning ritual.
  9. Take up a new hobby.
  10. Listen to podcasts.
  11. Read a new book

There is lots you can do to make the last 2 months count of 2019. Whatever you set your mind on don’t give up, don’t give in and you can build on your foundations here in 2019. Growing you personally, as equestrian and whatever other titles you own. I would also love to hear about your progress. If you are struggling we would love to be hear to support you. You are a EEquiner you have a huge family here to support you and cheer on the new you.
Bring on 2020!


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