Yesterday 100% MISERABLE!

Today I am writing you this blog from moping Emily land. The other half is back to work, work being away and I have consumed a very large packet of prawn crackers, bar of raspberry and dark chocolate from good old Lidl. I brought snacks the other day which was a very bad idea for days like today, I have led on my bed watching every crappy Facebook videos, then letting the next pointless video play with zero motivation.

Now how I got from my bed to my laptop, I get really pissy with myself like really angry for essentially sulking in bed, depending on my mood entails how long it takes me to get angry enough at myself to get up. Usually walking around in the fresh air is the best way to clear my head and then I can actually start thinking. In perfect timing I did hear the rain so ran out to put my boy’s rugs on. Good timing they were new pretty shiny rugs so although it’s a tiny shower the new factor had not worn off yet so I swear that helped. I’m not suggesting you go buy something every time you are having a down day or your man leaves for work, but it had good timing today.
Once I was up and about it got me thinking does anyone else go through these days or am I the only needy girlfriend in the world and everyone else is cool. If you are that cool chilled out girl, we need to talk because your tips are appreciated.
For anyone who is like me, what is currently helping me with the initial getting my ass moving part is the fresh air in my face and literally blowing away the cobwebs. Autumn weather is perfect for it! I then had a pre-set plan of the month of 3 jobs a day I needed to do to achieve my goals. Its my first time doing the system so I’m jumping ahead with some goals and falling a day behind with the less enjoyable ones. However it’s keeping me accountable, keeping me forward and today when I can’t be bothered with a single thing its keeping me on the straight and narrow.
Get your butt up right now and go for a walk, I can not deal with having a planned route. I literally just bumble around in circles in my garden or in the field, which ever person you are just get yourself moving and clear away the cobwebs. Usually my next to do is coming through the fog at me. The stage before this is usually to cuddle a fluffy pet of some kind so if you have an obliging cat, dog, horse, and bunny feel free to add that stage in.
My military girls
If you know fella is going away a lot, weeks months in advance, today set yourself a 3 jobs a day checklist to achieve that drives you towards your goal. This is going to become a normal part of your life not just pre man leaving drills.
Good pre planning
You’re not planning you’re going to have a bad day your just having good practices that help you every day. Having a few meals prepped that are healthy for you, soup or salad pots etc. in the freezer ready to eat will save or at least help with the binging. It’s the last thing most of us want to do when we are feeling ground zero is to think about food, make food and clean up after eating food. SO pre made is the way to go. Also I will keep saying it those 3 tasks a day, they are a god send so far for me I swear. I downloaded it from #bossbabes website and they emailed it to me also as I’m art of their mailing list. Writing is a fantastic tool, what do you think I’m doing now bumbling to you guys about. If that’s in a journal, blog like me today, or just scribbling it down it’s a lovely feeling to get words onto paper alternatively talking works to. Final tip for the day and my next mission is to cut out and add more pictures onto my goal board. There is nothing more uplifting that hope, dreams and aspiring to something so that’s where I am heading to get my brain back and functioning.