Instructor in your pocket

Instructor in your pocket

Have you had a session with mechanical Millie and myself? Forgotten half the things said but know it was helpful?
Then this is for you.

Instructor in your pocket

We all been there. You riding and something just wont work out the way you want it to.
You want to know what else you can do to achieve your dream results.
See a photo of yourself that you just hate but no idea how to fix it truely.

Now is your chance to have the support and advice at your fingertips. We are offering to all our mechanical millie customers present and future, because you know you want to try it. The possibility to have myself as a coach in your pocket as much as you need.

How does it work?

  • Using a Walkie talkie app on your phone which is simple and easy to use  (I can help with any set up issues.)
  • Voice chat when you have a question, query or something you just want to talk through.
  • Send me videos or images of your riding and I can respond with tips, tricks and my advice on how to improve.
  • We can discuss your goals for the month or create some and I will be that pain in the butt person who won’t let you quit.
  • Monday to friday I am all yours for unlimited help and advice.
  • Saturday to Sunday you can still message me the replies could just be slower.

Here is what some of My mechanical Millie clients have said 

“Booked in for my self and my boyfriend. Both had a brilliant time and really got a lot out of the session.
really tailored to our specific needs and goals. highly recommended.”
Kirsty Lenson

“Booked in for a session on a whim and am absolutely delighted that I did. I asked to try and sort an issue that I had with my riding and within minutes the difference was incredible. Very knowledgeable teacher with incredibly insightful corrections and adjustments to your riding and position.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would highly recommend a session for whatever your situation.”
Ciara Leigh-Anne Cooke

“Emily’s tuition on mechanical Millie is fantastic! It was brilliant to finally have a one to one with someone who could really watch and provide corrections to my position and technique that helped instantly. With pointers on how to improve and things I can do to get back to being more flexible again after a break from riding. Emily is kind and down to earth, and was very patient with me and my broken body, I will definitely be coming back!”
Kat a Waller

Mechanical Millie


What do I actually get within my package?

Imagine I am that friend that you can always leave a message with to talk through why your horse was such a twit today. Why they wouldn’t listen to a word you said. I can help you with ideas and solutions by talking it through, sending video or photos. Then we solve it.

Can you help me with my riding and fitness goals?

Most certainly can. Your fitness goals are important to enable you to ride better, therefore we set goals before we start the support programme. I can check up on you every month, every week or every day if need be to be that reminder you need to smash your goals. We all have a bad day sticking to our goals, especially when they are new into our routine, with this principle I am always here to pick you up, dust you off and set you on your way, because


What app do we use to contact you?

We have the option of using Whatsapp, a common app used today or another called Voxer. This app is based on the principle of having a walkie Talkie, all the functions are the same as whatsapp you can just voice chat me for as long as you like there is no time limit. Unlike Whatsapp the voxer app doesn’t need phone numbers to contact each other if you didn’t want to share your number.

How often can I contact you?


You can message me anytime you like. Monday through Friday I am super speedy with responding. The aim is to be back to you within 1.5 hours tops on a weekend tho my reply will be slower. This doesn’t mean you can not have a pile of questions waiting for me.
So how often is as often as you like during the time duration of your support.

How does payment work?

Each purchase is a one of payment and will not automatically renew. If you want to carry on you service you will need to order your next bundle either online or communicating with myself.

The 3 month package is the best value for money and this value rate is only available when you buy this package. You will not receive an additional discounted rate if you book 3 one month sessions.

Do I have to use it when I buy it?

Simply, No.
Once you have purchased your required amount of support time. I will get in touch with you regarding when we start. This can be the next day, week or month. It doesn’t matter.

So whats it going to be?