Mechanical Millie Away

Mechanical Millie Away

How it works

Millie travels the whole of the country either with myself of can be hired on a self service basis. She does not need any power just a flat level surface and ideally somewhere dry. Welcome to the most low maintenance horse you have ever met but with almighty powers.

We look at the root issue of what individuals come to us with not their symptoms we help them fix that and poof, magic. All those niggling bad habits are gone.

Attending one of our already planned days

Listed on this page here is all our upcoming events if you just want to book yourself onto your local Millie session or one of our other many events.

Hosting your own Day for Business of pleasure

We are looking for individuals or business to organise days for us around the country. You have the friends the client base already in your area and we have the skills to smash out some issues. Below is a document attached with all the information you need to run a day. We do not have prices listed below because we understand all business need to make a profit, to cover costs and keep everything running. Different establishments charge different amounts but please don’t hesitate to ask about pricing is crazy affordable. We don’t see why doing the best for you and your horse should be expensive.

If you are interested in more information in regards to holding your own day or wish to talk to us regarding price please use the form below.

Alternatively you can.
Call: 07547524819


Worth every penny, it was nice to learn without worrying about what your horse is doing or going to do, really felt like I have learnt from this, thank you again xx
Booked in for a session on a whim and am absolutely delighted that I did. I asked to try and sort an issue that I had with my riding and within minutes the difference was incredible. Very knowledgeable teacher with incredibly insightful corrections and adjustments to your riding and position.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would highly recommend a session for whatever your situation.
Emily's tuition on mechanical Millie is fantastic! It was brilliant to finally have a one to one with someone who could really watch and provide corrections to my position and technique that helped instantly. With pointers on how to improve and things I can do to get back to being more flexible again after a break from riding. Emily is kind and down to earth, and was very patient with me and my broken body, I will definitely be coming back!

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