Millie @HQ

Millie @HQ

Explore the realistic motion technology, customizable difficulty levels, and interactive training programs that make our mechanical horse simulator an unparalleled tool for riders of all levels.

Welcome to a new era of equestrian excellence! If you’re passionate about improving your riding skills, overcoming challenges, and enhancing your overall well-being as a rider, our mechanical horse simulator is your ultimate solution.”

Traditional training methods often fall short in providing riders with personalized, effective, and risk-free opportunities to hone their skills. Limited access to live horses, injuries, and injury concerns can hinder your progress. But what if you could ride anytime, anywhere, without limitations?

Introducing our cutting-edge mechanical horse ,Millie. A revolutionary solution designed to address the challenges riders face in traditional training environments. This realistic and adaptable simulator brings the joy of riding right to your fingertips.

As long as you and your horse are happy, no one is getting hurt we will work with you to find a way!

Engage core muscles, enhance balance, and elevate overall rider strength through the dynamic movements of Mechanical Millie. Each session is a workout that not only refines your riding skills but also boosts your physical fitness.

Refine your riding technique with precision and control. Our simulator provides a focused environment where you can fine-tune your posture, balance, and coordination, ensuring a seamless transition to your horse.

Achieve straightness in your riding form. Our simulator allows targeted exercises to address straightness issues, fostering a more balanced and aligned riding posture.

Break down complex riding movements into manageable, bite-sized chunks. Our simulator enables a step-by-step approach to mastering each element of your ride, allowing for a more thorough understanding and rapid improvement.


Worth every penny, it was nice to learn without worrying about what your horse is doing or going to do, really felt like I have learnt from this, thank you again xx
Booked in for a session on a whim and am absolutely delighted that I did. I asked to try and sort an issue that I had with my riding and within minutes the difference was incredible. Very knowledgeable teacher with incredibly insightful corrections and adjustments to your riding and position.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would highly recommend a session for whatever your situation.
Emily's tuition on mechanical Millie is fantastic! It was brilliant to finally have a one to one with someone who could really watch and provide corrections to my position and technique that helped instantly. With pointers on how to improve and things I can do to get back to being more flexible again after a break from riding. Emily is kind and down to earth, and was very patient with me and my broken body, I will definitely be coming back!

1/2 Hour sessions

Perfect taster

If you are short on time, or its been a long time since you have been back in the saddle this could be the way to go for you. 30 Min session on mechanical Millie working on whatever you need to push light the fire in your riding.

45 Min sessions

Our most popular time

Experience the thrill in just 45 minutes! Our simulator session is a game-changer, and we’re confident you’ll be hungry for more. Come back and let the adventure continue after working on your homework – and letting it know how it goes on your horse – your next ride is just around the corner!

Bulk booking with personalised plan

Limited Avaliabilty

Loved your session so much and want more?
5 sessions for a crazy saving. Session 1 we plan out where we are, what we need to do and how we are going to get there. Going through all the paces on the machine and hitting session 2 with your very own personalised plan for the future.

The full Monty

Limited Avaliabilty

All the support you could need.
Your 5 sessions.
Your personalised plan which goes beyond our 5 sessions together.
PLUS our instructor on the phone for the 4 weeks worth of support.

Elevate your skills, feel the thrill, and where help is always on hand!


Where we are

We travel the WHOLE of the UK but we also have a base in Winterbourne Kingston in Dorset.

Our travelling locations.

If you are looking to find us on our travelling days here is a list of our upcoming locations we hope to see you at. Right here. 

Our centre

If you are looking to come to us we are based in Dorset. Our address is:
Unit 20 Wind Whistle Way
Winterborne Kingston
Dt11 9FF


Some sat navs find us hard to reach so you can just type “Eequine” into google maps and we will pop up.

It is not electric How does that work?

No electric means you get the chance to learn what the movement will feel like when your horse says no, or when you want to ask for something different.
You need to make it as a rider and don’t panic it’s Emily’s job to help you with this. You will be able to make her move and do all the things.

What can Millie do?

What can She not do. We can work on

  • Walk
  • Feeling the footfalls
  • Trot
  • Trot diagonals.
  • Sitting trot
  • Transitions between the paces
  • Canter
  • Canter leads
  • Changes
  • Light seat
  • Mounting and dismounting.
  • Jump position
  • Straightness
  • Fitness
  • Problem solving

The list goes on and on and on.

Is there a age limit?

I would love to say no, however insurance limits me to 5 years old being my youngest.

I have no confidence is this for me?

This is the safest and laziest horse you are ever going to ride.
She will not do a thing without you asking her to.
You stop – She will stop moving,
We can break things down into tiny bitesize chunks so the end goal is so much more achievable and a lot less daunting.
Her owner – Emily will be there all the way and its their job between then to help you be the very best version of this.

We got you!

I have had a injury and not sure if i can ride?

Then this is 100% for you. Millie is a safe and gentle way to test your body to see what it can and can not do before riding.

  • We can practice mounting and Dismounting and what different variations of that look like depending on injuries or pain.
  • Due to her being human powered the machine will only move as much as you ask it to. Letting you ride the tinniest Shetland up to her full 17.2 Dutch warmblood strides.
  • We can also break the movements down into un natural step by step chunks so we can on specific weaknesses.

Cancellation policy

Take a look at our cancellation policy here.

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