Millie’s Mission

Millie’s Mission

Millie is going on tour – and we are bringing heaps of specialists with us

Are you ready to take your training into your own hands?

Do you want to take control and improve your riding skills for life?

Are you prepared to fast track yourself out of being a beginner or novice?

Fed up of bad posture?           

Ready to get back on the horse after an injury?

Your lower leg wont stay still.

You get told to push your heel down – But your leg still moves

You get told to just keep it still – Well how the dang do you do that

Your legs are just weak – There not getting any stronger either.

I hear you

When you canter your hands are circling, almost pumping the horse along?

You have that 1 angry hand that grips for dear life?

For love nor money can you keep your hands still – Someone shouting relax keep them still DOES NOT WORK?

You wouldnt belive me if i told you it can be a really simple problem to fix?

I Hear you

Mechanial Millie and friends on tour will

  • Teach you how to solve your problems at the root of the issues so you can banish them from your riding once and for all
  • Help you grow your bodys strength and fitness
  • Reduce the cost of being an equine with a range of equine discounts.
  • Answer your questions every week so nothing is left un answered
  • Give you an accoutability partner so give you a good old 1,2 – if you need it
  • Be that support system that dosent judge when you have no one else.
  • We are all individuals and like different things, so. We give you all the options and let you decide. What works best for you.

Have a sneak peak into what you could be apart of

You get to

  • Learn from a variety of experts 
  • Have a team on standby 24/7 to ask your questions to
  • Try out our free 7 day trial- it costs you nothing!
  • All of Eequines downloadbles and courses within the membership
  • Enjoy our rescources – Its growing every month, without fail
  • Discounts, dicounts and more discounts 

Join when you like leave when you like, its quick easy and affordable

If you know you are all wanting to upscale horse and rider then save the ££