Millie’s Mission

Millie’s Mission

From butt feet to moving legs, the horsey world is full of jargon, weird phrases and confusing instructions. We know because we’ve lived in it our whole lives! 


When you’re a beginner, novice, or even after injury – the world of an equestrian can be an intimidating and testing one. Having worked with riders up and down the country, on our one-of-a-kind simulator (Millie), we’ve seen it all! From painful postural issues to post-injury stiffness, curved spines and naughty lower legs, the frustration you feel is not unheard of.

On her travels, Mechanical Millie has had the honour and pleasure of changing lives. Together we’ve helped riders to enable their own breakthroughs, ditch mindset blocks and continue to improve their riding progress year upon year upon year. Lessons with Millie and Emily, your expert in the field, are the gift that keeps on giving – but we want more riders to experience the joy.


So Millie is going on tour – right here on the EEquine website!

Are you ready to take your training into your own hands?

Do you want to take control and improve your riding skills for life?

Are you prepared to fast track yourself out of being a beginner or novice?

Fed up of bad posture?           

Ready to get back on the horse after an injury?


Then this membership is for you!

There’ll be no shouting in horse jargon and no rushing you around the paddock. Millie’s Mission allows you to tune in to video trainings whenever it suits you. From detailed, jargon-free trainings, to industry expert explanations and clever tips, tricks and know-how nuggets – everything you need will be right here.


  • Watch real life recorded lessons with real students!
  • Longer, more detailed videos to cover anything you might have missed during in-person training.
  • Guest experts to decode posture, leg movement and much much more!
  • A community of other riders to chat with, support and socialise!
  • Regular Q&As to keep you on track and problem-free!
  • Gifts and discounts from the UK’s best equine businesses!


As well as groundbreaking new trainings, you’ll also benefit from the knowledge of Emily – the only instructor with a one-of-a-kind Millie – in the whole of the UK. Passionate about both horse and human health, Emily regularly travels Millie the length and breadth of the country, allowing you to meet your mentor in person! 


Our price was going to be £30 pm and I did and still do think this is fair.


I started this journey in the equestrian industry out of love and a passion for horses, not to make money. I’ve been that girl that couldn’t afford to pay her bills, couldn’t afford to feed herself some weeks and my parents wondered why i was so amazing and loved coming to see them every day around dinner time, funnily enough.

Just because it has Equine in front of it does not mean it should be expensive.

Just because its equine does not mean it should be split due to how much money we earn

Millie’s Mission is now and forever more £10 per month

Because we all need a family, we all need support, we all need love and encouragement and we all want to educate ourselves on this hobby, job, sport because we love it. Here at Eequine we don’t think anyone should miss out on that.