Ollie Bridle

Ollie Bridle

Do you always find the quality products in the equine cost a fortune?

The product that could change your horses health, riding mindset or general attitude is it out of your price range?

I know you love your horse,

I know you would do anything for your horse

but there doesn’t need to be that trade off between your horses health and the things you need in your every day life.

Does the flash remove?

Absolutely! The whole flash element can be removed including the loop, quickly and simply. Plus once removed you would never know the flash was there.

I want a different nose band

You have the option to choose from:



Crank – with removable flash

How much does it cost?

We wanted to keep the most amazing quality we could with the lowest price we could. So our Ollie bridle is £110 for a full bridle with a noseband of your choice in the softest Italian leather I’m sure you have ever felt.

Why is it a crank?

We use a crank noseband not because you can ” crank it up” that is your personal choice as to how tight you fix it. No, we love it because of the extra padding it gives under the chin.
You can wear this nose band as tight or as loose as YOU want it the name dosent define that.

My horse needs different size parts can you help?

We can absolutely help you make a bespoke bridle for your horse. Just send us a message to admin@eequine.co.uk and we will discuss measurements and put together the best fit for you ranging from pony to extra full.

Your using a flash on one horse but not on another. Perhaps you don’t use a flash at all but cant find that beautiful bridle without the dang loop?

The nifty little system within the Ollie Bridle allows you to have a flash 1 day or no flash other days, maybe every day and you would never know the difference.

Our bridles have been everywhere, done everything and proved themselves. Don’t just take our word for it. Grab your own today and make your horses day.