5 Reasons the Ollie Bridle is a absloute winner

5 Fantastic reasons why the Ollie bridle is an absolute winner:



Our bridle rivals some of the best out there but at literally a fraction of the price. Quality doesn’t always have to cost the earth!


The Ollie’s anatomical design decreases pressure over the poll with its cut away padding ensures maximum comfort as well as large cut away areas around the ears to allow them to move freely with no restriction.


Coming in all sizes from pony to extra full and with a range of nosebands that include crank, drop and grackle. It also comes in either black or Havana.


Our crank noseband has the ability to have the flash strap removed including the loop so becomes a cavesson bridle literally in a flash (see what I did there haha)!


Ollie is made from the finest Italian leather. It is unbelievably soft with incredible quality that you would associate with bridles that have a much higher price tag. This beautifully supple leather comes with our logo embossed into it.



BUT don’t just take our word for it, read the latest review from one of our lovely customers:



“You’re broke. But you want to spoil your best friend.

You’re desperate to get an anatomical bridle on your beasties head but you don’t know where to start or what size to order? Or your beast has an odd shaped head and you can’t afford to buy three to make one fit so you make do with your trusty bridle you’ve made up from bits you’ve found laying around and you’ve had on your horse for as long as you can remember. Why try to fix what isn’t broken.. right?!

Well.. thats what I thought. I was four bridles deep trying to get something to fit my fjords head that wouldn’t pinch his poor little brain cell. Flicking through online you see the micklem.. but then you see looooooads second hand.. that makes you think, then you see the price and that definitely makes you think its time to scroll past. Stockholm bridles.. can hardly pronounce it.. Google anatomical and you get 100’s of hits at 100’s of pounds.. in one size.

Ive been eyeing up the Ollie bridle since Emily first announced it. Ive been flicking to webpage more times than I care to admit.. do I, don’t I… do I.. oh go on then.




This bridle has interchangeable sizes .. massive result .. cob, full, extra full? No problamo. A head piece that allows space for the ears to move and brain to tick over without over heating and has no extra bulky bits to create pressure points. The nose band has the flash attachment that allows you to need a flash or not, just pop that sucker out if you don’t need it! Its nice and wide to evenly distribute across the face with a shaped bit that goes under the cheek pieces to stop any chance of pressure points. Emily is fabulous and helps you get the right size and is happy to help you make it perfect. The leather is supple from the word go and is simply beautiful. My boy looks beyond stunning in this and knowing he’s comfy, there’s no pinching around his ears and I’m not broke just makes it all that much more worth it.

If anyone asks for a recommendation on a new bridle, for me, going forwards, the Ollie bridle will never be beaten. Its as close to perfect as you’re ever going to get for your perfect best friend”



If you want to check out the Ollie bridle its right here. 

Alternatively we have the option to purchase the headpiece only right here.