Dri rug review

My HONEST Dri rug Review

Winter is coming as the previous weeks  thunder/ rain/ wind storm showed us and having horses that life outside 24/7 brings its own set of challenges in winter. You wouldn’t think it now with this sweltering heat but dnt be lured into a false sense of security. Winter is depressingly on its way.

I have had this rug for years now and for me it’s a life savour especially when I’m stubborn and I will ride in the rain and afterwards I have to deal with someone getting him dry again.

SO I would love to introduce you to dri rug. Yup a rug that dries your horse without you having to do anything. Sounds lazy I know but quick hacks that are positive I say why not.


If pony has got wet because one of his rugs has failed this miserable British weather or I didn’t get a rug on him in time and he looks like a drowned rat. Bless his heart. Or I have just ridden and don’t want to put a rug on a wet ponio I place the dri rug on him with his neck, then put his normal rug on whatever weight I choose. The neck is detachable so you could just put the main body of the rug on if you only have a turnout to match or dri rug neck and turnout with a neck it’s up to you.

Now I would love to dry him off and rub him down before putting him back out in the rain but truth be told we are out in the rain because I don’t have any shelters and I’m tacking up and untacking in this weather whatever it may be.  The dri rug absorbs all the water, and I mean fast while his normal rug keeps him warm.  In an hour or so I come back out and remove the dri rug leaving a dry pony in a dry warm rug.


The reason I just don’t put his normal rug on to absorb the water is because he is a native, and I don’t really rug him heavy. He’s a monkey and thick rugs mean going through my fencing. Not acceptable in my books, we don’t own a heavy weight at all 1 medium weight that’s our choice. A lightweight rug is just going to trap the water underneath, if it has a bit of a fill it will absorb the water but do I really want water on the inside of his rug that’s meant to be keeping him dry and adding extra weight to it when I have to pull it off.


On nicer days when its actually good weather and I just want to bath him I either put rug on him to absorb the water or use it as a towel if I am inpatient with life. The rug is incredibly light weight, meaning I have also used it for travelling to absorb sweaty pony issues without cooking him.


Try it for yourself. Im stupidly thrilled to now offer these in our store after years of loving them.
Check them out here. 


Last tip sizing is a little odd and I would always say don’t go down go up it just means more material to rub their legs with cover their chest and dry them off quicker with.