New spur straps Review

Check our our spur straps review. Its freezing cold, I have so may layers on to try and keep warm and the joints are seizing up. At this point in time bending down to put my boots on and fiddle around with my spurs is the last thing I want to do. The buckle never goes well with my ice block fingers and usually the last hole on the straps is to big for my small feet. 1st world problems I know but when I’m not bending I’m not bending and that darn buckle annoys the life out of me.

This is when I found Spur Tech, spur straps. The good point being they are Velcro. Yup, no fiddly buckle. Thank goodness for that!! It also means I can make the strap as tight as I need to for my titchy feet. No wiggly spurs for me anymore.

My biggest bit of advice would be, bring scissors with you. The 1st time I put my straps on I used the scissors to cut off the access strap. This meant everything was clean and neat with no strap tail flapping around in the wind. Neat and tidy, when I can.


Sometimes it really is the simple things in life.  Now they are easier to take on and off I don’t mind pulling them off my riding boots. Which is turn means they get washed more, when in turn means I actually look like a civilised well dressed person more often. Mud and myself, we are best if buddies. However it is a love hate relationship.



Take a look Spur Tech – Spur straps. and let us know if you like our spur tech straps review

With buckle – Spur Tech straps

Without buckle  – Spur Tech straps