Non sticky breeches

So im alot of a tight ass. just being honest and putting that out there. I tend to only by new jods/ breeches when im absolutely desperate and i just cant get by anymore. Usually the nicest, cheapest pair in the world or wait to birthday and christmas and get given them which is even better i feel. I am trying very hard to be organised for winter, horrid word but unfortunately its coming. I have 1 pair of winter Jods, 2 pairs of im dying Jods and a pair of sticky knees for which i mainy teach in now because well the sticky knee stuff just doesn’t sit well with me.

OK, i had no idea how hard it can be to find breeches, jods whatever you prefer that don’t have a sticky butt or knee. I know they use to exsist but this craze is kinda nuts.
Anyway doing so spontaneous shopping on Premier equine and well these were the only pair with out stick.
I must say I love them they do need a wash now and im struggling because that means i have to take them off and i don’t have any others i like as much now. The genius thing with these bad boys is the end around your ankle is not fitted, its like this endless seem that just goes back up your leg again. MEANING, and this is the exciting bit there is no pressure on my ankle. Transferring that up to a broken body, bad knee kinds person it doesn’t pull over my knee because the jobs can pull up slightly due to not being clamped onto my ankle. I am not in agony, my butt looks pretty dam hot in the sleek, shiny yet not slippery material and now i need another pair so i can get changed. Currently i have the wine pair im thinking truffle next, its food related so im sold! ISSUES
oh! Awesome Feature is the butt pockets that a phone can fit into. THANK YOU!
NOT Sponsored – Premier equine do not pay me in any way for this blog i just love these breeches and for anyone else who doesn’t really like these gel seat and knees or who likes a shiny butt. I recommend they are called – elixir-euro-seat-riding-breeches.