Ball Bags – Single

Ball Bags – Single



These handy dandy ball bags clip onto your D rings of the saddle to hold your balls in place. Here at Eequine use balls to help stretch our hips and release our thighs and knees from the saddle. Just pop the ball in the bag, pull the pull string to keep them safe and pop them in and out as you need due them being safe and secure on your D ring of the saddle.

NO loosing them.

NO hoping in and off your horse when you loose them.

No bulging pockets.

There is also the option to store other things in them instead the possibilities are endless.


They are available in 2 sizes Long + short.

Long РReaches  further down your saddle. Ie for dressage saddles, big knee blocks in the way or you want to carry extra thinngs.

Short – Shorted great for GP and jumping saddles.


Grab your spikey balls to go inside here.


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