Flexi Curve

Flexi Curve


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The Flexi curve ruler is a great addition to your saddle checking and health and wellness checks.
It enables you to take templates of your horse’s back to monitor muscle development/ loss.


  1. Stand the horse on a flat, level surface as squarely as possible.
  2. Carefully place on the horses back just behind the withers. The sides of the curve should be just behind the shoulder blades (scapular bones) pointing down behind the elbows.
  3. Mould the curve over the wither and get the exact shape of the withers and sides of the shoulders.
  4. Before removing the flexi curve check that you have measured in the same position on the left and right sides.
  5. Carefully remove the flexi curve noting which is the left and right side of the horse.
  6. On a piece of  A4 paper draw around the curve following the edge that contacted the horse.


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