Issue 1 – Horse and Human Health Magazine

Issue 1 – Horse and Human Health Magazine



Welcome to Issue 1 of a brand new publication dedicated you and your 4 leggeds health. This magazine is crafted with you, the everyday rider, in mind. We understand the passion that drives you, whether you compete at riding club level or simply enjoy spending time with horses. This magazine is your gateway to a world where every rider, regardless of experience, finds inspiration, knowledge, and a community.

Who is this Horse and Human health magazine for?

1. Riding Club Enthusiasts: If you find your joy in the camaraderie of riding club events, our magazine is tailored to elevate your experience. From tips to enhance your performance to stories of riders just like you, this is your companion on the road to improvement.

2. Horse Lovers: Whether you own a horse or care for one, this magazine recognizes the significance of the bond between you and your equine companion. Discover articles on horse care, nutrition, and health, ensuring you provide the best for the horses you love.

3. None owners: We welcome riders who may not own a horse but are passionate about creating positive experiences for the horses they ride. Find valuable insights on building connections and fostering well-being, even if you don’t have a horse to call your own.

4. Dedicated to Personal Well-Being: Beyond horses, we acknowledges the importance of taking care of yourself. Explore content focused on your physical and mental well-being, ensuring that you, the rider, are in the best shape to enjoy every moment with your equine partners


Some of our amazing experts within issue 1 of the magazine.
Aspire Equestrian – Our mental Health Guru
Julie Driver – Expert Pilates Instructor
Samantha Bardill – The vet physio SBVP