Millie Squad – Black Friday offer!

Millie Squad – Black Friday offer!



Join in the Millie squad grab exclusive bonus help the community, plus look dang ass sexy doing it. Cards will be flying through the post and entitle you to the following but oh there is more to be added.

  • Every Ride you have with us we donate £1 to our chosen charities and community projects.
  • Receive £10 discount code to use on all our Millie squad clothing and apparel when launched.
  • Regular emails to update you where we are in the country.
  • Millie squad exclusive discounts on all our online packages – just type in your membership number and its simple as that.
  • Squad perks lasts a whole year.
  • No postage fee we will send your card out to you in the mail for you to keep in your wallet.

As of the 26th November more bonus will be added to the squad for all to enjoy! Jump in early as access to this exclusive squad will be going up to £15 per year at midnight.