Ollie Bridle


Ollie Bridle

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Our Ollie bridle was inspired by my horse and his fat ears and a need for a bridle that had the quality. However was much more affordable for the every day horse owner.

The head piece and nose bands are wide by design to distribute pressure evenly. Although some people believe thinner nose bands are prettier sometimes its the comfort that’s of the most importance.

The head piece decreases pressure over the poll with its cut away padding to bring even more comfort for your horse. As well as large cut away sides to allow the ears maximum freedom of movement and decrease pressure points.

Made of the finest Italian leather this bridle is unbelievably soft, good quality and at a price we hope you appreciate.

Fitting options:
Use the website to purchase complete bridles. However if you are after the more mix and match feel please contact us directly so we can allocate different part to different sizes to your order.
Email: [email protected]

Colour options:


Nose bands:

Our crank nose band has the ability to have a flash or remove the flash and a small piece within the nose band and you would never know the flash had be unattached. We know how annoying it is to have that little loop if you are not a flash fan but sometimes we need to be versatile and adapt. This bridle gives you that option.


If this is out of your budget of you just fancy a new Head piece to update your current bridle. The ollie bridle  headpiece’s are sold separately below.

The individual headpiece here. 


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Cob, Extra Full, Full, pony


Havana, Black


Crank, Grackle, Drop

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