Sentient riding


Sentient riding

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Classical Dressage training Programme for the every day rider with 12 classical dressage tests included.

Designed by Diana Waters in Australia she trained and qualified as a riding instructor in the UK where she has worked at over 15 different riding schools.

She has always  been passionate about riding and teaching, but was unhappy with the normal way of riding, both in riding schools and competitions, where she felt too much force was used and the natural beauty and spirit of the horse was diminished as a result.


Sentient Riding Tests are dressage tests that focus mainly on the skills of the rider, regardless of the type of horse. We believe that excellent riding in conjunction with well thought out exercises result in a better overall performance. With the combination of correct, sympathetic riding and exercises that promote balance and lightness, we hope to make dressage beautiful and pleasurable for horse, rider and spectator.

The tests have been formulated to support the French school of training – working on balance and lightness first. This means that lateral work is introduced sooner, and fast work is introduced later, than in traditional dressage tests.

The tests are marked using a revolutionary new method which objectively grades specific rider skills. This provides consistent marks and targeted feedback, so you can clearly see how you need to improve, and can monitor your progress between tests.

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