Spiky physio Balls

Spiky physio Balls


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Spiky physio balls are my staple item for keeping this equestrian in tip top condition. They help to improve my effectiveness as a rider and making my physio sessions last longer. As well as many uses and they are affordable.

Spiky physio balls benefits

  • Designed by physiotherapists to release knots plus  ease stiff muscles.
  • Increases blood circulation in the body as well as removing toxins to help with muscular discomfort.
  • Its a all over body massage in a ball.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a Foam Roller here.
  • Large and small available



We go through large quantities of these balls especially at millie events and due to the amount we go through our supplier has reduced out costs as a company. We want your health to be an affordable thing so our saving is now your saving.
Small balls where £4.00 and now are £3.50.
Large balls where £4.50 and now are £4.00.

Extra resources

Also check out our blog that gives you some extra tips and tricks on how to use these spiky balls to help you as a horsey human. Here. 


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