Our first adventure

Me and my ponies first adventure.

Sunday 4th August me and my pony took our 1st adventure together and im gonna tell you all about it. Just because im a little excited, was highly terrified and because well why not.


We hired a trailer of Kelly horse boxes (Check them out.) The original plan was to go to cornwall have a holiday together and come home new and improved pair who where back in the game together. Eh, didn’t work our that way so we ended up staying home for this adventure and going to meet a friend who is terrified of horses. I described him as a big dog on a big lead and that’s how we where playing it.


Tidworth is that patch of heaven you never knew about in between andover and salisbury unless your reading this, in the army or an army wife. Now you are in the know, this place has miles and miles of public byways through military trainings ground and its just phenomenal. We went on a sunday just so we didn’t run into any of the boogers ( soldiers) doing their weird stuff. Ponies and tanks wasn’t on the agenda for our 1st trip out.


The perfect self loader back himself out of the trailer and refused to go in. This is my 1st time towing in years, he hasn’t travelled for a while and not by himself since i brought him. So it was a challenge for us both. The family waved us off, i think they where more terrified than i was knowing my horse and 1st times and all. No negativity was getting in the way of this walk. I had lunch packed for me,  actual dogs,  actual humans and the horse we are calling a large dog.


The walk, the view was to die for and me being into all things weird loved the random army buildings in the wood and exploring was number 1 on the priority list. Dam it was unexpectedly hot and ya know that uncomfy feeling when everything just sticks to you, EVERYWHERE. Yup that was me, but the pony was a dude and life was bliss. Temporarily.


Last 10 mins of our 1.5 hour walk and the ponio decided he was much more confident now and was trying to use his large butt to push and pull me about. I should of brought a dually but miss positive vibes here though he would be a little angel. WRONG.  Frog marching up a hill killed me of and the sweaty mess that was me was ready to go home.

  1. Load the pony. GOOD BOY.
  2. Go to do the back bar because its just me so tied him up.
  3. Pony starts reversing and he pulls hard when he wants to.
  4. Mild panic because i love the trailer.
  5. Massive slap on the ass and the butt goes back into the trailer.
  6. Emily breaths a sigh of relief
  7. Human that is scared of horses is mortified
  8. And everyone drives homes safely.