Top five equestrian products I couldn’t be without

Every equestrian has their favourite items they couldn’t be without.  It may be an item of tack, clothing, stable items or nifty gadgets – we all have our favourites! Here are my top five equestrian items that I couldn’t be without:

  1. Roeckl Riding Gloves

I absolutely adore these gloves, they are like a second skin. Breathable and supple providing fantastic grip.

  1. Aqueos

The Anti-Bacterial Horse Shampoo & Spray Plaster from Aqueos are essentials in my horse cupboard!  The shampoo is soft on skin and great for cleaning wounds as well as bathing.  Tested independently against bacteria, fungi and viruses including strangles and ringworm. Shampoo.  Plaster spray. 

  1. Sieve

This may sound odd but I use my sieve on a daily basis for cleaning out the water buckets in the stable as well as in the field.  This is probably one of the best items I have bought that cost under £1 from the supermarket!

  1. Prestige Stirrups

These stirrups were given to me as a birthday present form my other half and since then I haven’t looked back and I’ve no idea how I used to ride without them!  They have interchangeable weighted cheese grater treads with a quick change system.  Made from magnesium they are robust and durable too.

  1. Equiblast Wrist Speaker by Equidance

I have always liked listening to music while schooling but it has always been music I liked and not necessarily music that matched what I was doing until Emily at Eequine introduced me to this nifty wrist speaker.  I now have a fantastic 80’s workout package matched to Bertie’s tempo as well as Bluetooth options and the ability to upload dressage tests for when I don’t have a caller while practicing.

What equestrian items could you not be without?


Written by S. Holland Brand Ambassador for EEquine