Mechanical Millie

Mechanical Millie

Millie is a human powered equine simulator. Originating from Holland she was the first of her kind to be set up in the UK. This type of simulator is the second generation of machine which is more realistic in width, movement, and functionality.

We are stupidly proud to have made Millie fully portable allowing us to travel the country helping individuals, such as yourself, to up their riding game for themselves and their horse’s health. We are based in Dorset but travel down to deepest darkest cornwall, norfolk, london and so far up to Sheffield. 

So, how does she work?

Mechanical Millie ( the simulator) is powered by the rider’s movements. If the rider does not move correctly, the machine is designed not to move.

Today we often hear terms like “sit deep”, “Use your seat” and “ride your horse.” But, what does this mean exactly and how can you simplify and apply changes to your routine?  

Do not forget, your horse can ride without you! You need to be that beautiful passenger, a discrete influencer and the perfect partner.

A typical session can focus on posture, walk, trot, canter, trot diagonals, feel, canter leads, turning, weight aids, straightness and much much more.

Are you a business that has an event coming up?

Millie adds a unique touch that gives any equine business an edge. She’s truly unique and perfect for:

  • Allowing riders to see what clothing looks like while riding.
  • Trying and riding in new saddles
  • Wearing boots, riding hats, body protectors in a portable realistic environment
  • Bringing in a crowd and attracting interest

Being the only fully travelling equine simulator of this type this is a unique and amazing opportunity that can make your company have that extra special something.

If you are interested in having millie at on of your events please contact.

Mechanical Millie enquiry

If you are interested in booking a mechanical Millie session fill our your details below and Millie’s and Fred’s amazing PA will be in touch.