Training & Education

Training & Education

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You will see this area develop and change as more and more professionals get added. Don’t forget to Look at other professionals and instructors not just the ones you know, there is so much information out there. You might be surprised.

Hop over to our Facebook page and lets get chatting, building relationships and if you have anything you specifically need help with let us know. We can make exactly what you need.

There is a page where all our discounts are being added from local and national companies helping making being an equestrian that touch more affordable. Enjoy.

If you need a buddy we got you. Fill in the form and we can pair you up with an accountability partner to help you stay on track and smash your goals.

Lastly don’t forget to check out our experts sites, check out their recommended products and everything else we have to offer.


Show Jumping

Cross Country


Starting a youngster



Mechanical Millie - Emily Lloyd

Postion, seat, and those little touches make the biggest difference. Emily and Millie make riding simple to understand and do.

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J P Fitness

Fitness is no longer a drag,  With quick easy workouts as short as 4 mintues you can smash those fitness goals.

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Its all coming soon - check out what exactly.

All our trainings will also be searchabale by problem. So quick fire tips and tricks on how to fiz particular issues can be found right here. Saving you time and effort searching the site.

All the downloadables from our entire coaching team

Sleep diary – Help yourself track when you sleep, or dont. Plus what could be effecting it. Everything is much better written down rather than remembering everything in your head.

Horse info sheet – Perfect for stable yards or to give to that trusting person incase you cant be contacted.  Farrier, vet, jabs and even the answer if the time has to come. Its all here.

Horse Diet sheets – What does your horse weigh now and what are you feeding them. Plan out if you want to loose or gain weight and all the insturctions are there just in case someone else needs them to.

Food log – A food log is a great way to check what you drink and eat through out the day. How it makes you feel and aware of any sneeky not so helpful habbits.

Rider meal prep week – Use this simple simple chart to plan out your meals and snacks for the week. Save on time, cooking and even save money when you batch cook and link it all together.

Using your butt feet Ebook – Dive in to the really nitty gritty of how to use your seat. We like it simple, easy to digest and highly actionable.



2 Ways to teach a horse to want bridle himself. – This audio recording is all about making your horse want to put his bit in his mouth all by himself, positivly.

Goal Mapper – We use milestones to achive our goals. Breaking it down into bite sized chunks so its not to overwhelming. Added benefit small wins help you feel positive and motivated to smash this goal

Scale of training cheat sheet – We all know how important the scales of training are. The best bits the juicy stuff and the most important all in one place.

Equine jargon debunked – All the horsey termaniolgy made simple.

All your discounts


This is where all your unique Millie’s Mission discounts are held. We add to this regularly so keep coming back to see more.

The Facebook Group


Join in our dedicated Facebook group to see the team go live, add extra bonuses and goodies and chat in a friendly and supportive environment.

Grab yourself an accountability partner


We all need that friend that holds us to our word, that gives us the umph up the butt when we try and back out.

Let us help you find that person.