Fix it Fred, Mechanical Millie and their new PA.

Have you seen the newest Eequine news?

Fix it Fred, as he has been named is coming to stay for the whole of August while his wife is out of town. PLUS the pair of them are so demanding they now have their own PA started to help balance their busy schedule.

Fred is exactly the same as Millie apart from he is called, well Fred. They are both human powered simulators aimed at improving peoples riding with a helping hand from their handler, Emily. You can work on position, balance, strength and conditioning. As well as  trot diagonals, canter lead, flying changes and basic walk, trot and canter. Neither of them jump and neither of them gallop they are too lazy, but we can practice light seat. You have the option of sessions being Audio Recorded, helping you refer back to it time and time again.

With two simulators in August and Millie well a true diva we needed another pair of hands, to maintain their schedules. We have the fantastic Debbie as part of the team doing all things simulator, as long as the two ponies behave themselves and don’t scare her away.

If you want to get hold of Debbie, to talk Millie or Fred she has her own dedicated email address:

OR if you want to see where Millie and Fred are check out our Mechanical Millie locations page – Here


Millie is away on Self hire in August so if you have a booking you will have the honour of meeting fred.